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Sunday Reflection

Growing up in the Caribbean, we did a lot of things to help our neighbors without asking for anything in return simply because it was the right thing to do. I remember when my grandparents were the only ones with electricity and they ran extension wires from their house through the trees to many other homes in the area just to give them light. I accidentally unplugged the main socket once (37 years ago) and I still remember the neighbors yelling through the bushes 😂

I also remember that grandma would never cook exact amount of food ever. She was always prepared to feed anyone who would stop by at anytime. She would also pack dinner plates and have me take them to a few folks in the community.

We didn’t have much (poor farming family) but whatever we had we were willing to share. When I became an adult, I was thanked by another person in my age bracket. I asked him what for and his response was “you didn’t know it but the food from your family was what fed our family during our hardest period“... Reflecting on some of these memories is why I’m saying to you all, if you’re able to help someone, just do it.

Have an amazing Sunday everyone.

Be blessed and if you’re able to, be a blessing to someone else today.


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