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Humble Beginnings

This image brought back so many memories:

I grew up with my grandparents and my grandfather was the tailor in the neighborhood (affectionately known as tailor-man).

I spent so many nights helping him stitch & hem that I could make some articles of clothing myself.

We weren’t financially well off but we were not poor either. Matter of fact, my grandparents were rich in character and good deed.

No one ever came to our home and left hungry or empty handed. No child ever missed the first day of school because they couldn’t afford to pay for their uniforms being made. As a farmer, it gave my grandparents pleasure to see people consuming the produce that they cultivated. They lived by bartering and on many days I had to make these runs to drop off and pickup.

I learned everything that I know today about being a man by sitting at my grandfather’s foot helping him. I must admit I didn’t always want to be there; as a kid I wanted to go play with other kids. I wanted to be on the beach playing soccer or diving for fish, or riding my bicycle but my grandfather made sure I did my jobs. Feeding chickens, getting eggs, taking the goats to graze, fetching their water, picking fruits, and watering the farm all before school starts each morning.

This work ethic has been the foundation of my life and even 28 years after his passing, I still reflect on the times spent together for guidance. This might be the picture of a simple old school sewing machine, but to me this is a symbol of my childhood. Continue to Rest In Peace #SamuelJackson & #EthlynJackson


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