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Popular Caribbean Restaurant Forced To Close Its Doors After Being In Business For Over 30 Years!

“It was a tough decision and I did everything I could including paying my employees with my personal money I had saved up, but when we lost our corporate catering contracts because everyone started working from home, I didn’t know how to stop the bleeding”.

“It’s sad because we finally got a foothold in the industry when this happened. We tried delivery service through Uber eats, grubhub, doordash, etc... but they charge too much for us to make a profit”.

“If we were able to make it through June, I think we would have been able to weather the storm”.

Those were just some of the quotes from my recent conversation with a Caribbean Restauranteur. The heartfelt exchange reminded me of why I Love Being Caribbean decided to use our platform to help the businesses in our community. This was the motivation behind us launching Caribbean Restaurant Week. In the Caribbean diaspora, our restaurants serve as one of the main industries to represent our culture and also provides much need good jobs for our community. Anytime we lose one it’s a sad day! To lose one that’s been the corner stone and somewhat of a pillar in our community is devastating. I won’t say the name of the restaurant because the owner is still trying to salvage its legacy and hasn’t made it public yet. But when they confided in me they seemed defeated.

If you have a Caribbean restaurant that you love, please message us with their contact information. We would love to use our iLBC platform to help and ensure we don’t lose any other restaurants in our community.

Click the link and register for Caribbean Restaurant Week 2021 👉🏾


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