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Meet Aldaine Oakley of Spice Jamaica

As a business and movement rooted in community, we love to meet and collaborate with like minded businesses. At our 2019 I Love Being Caribbean launch party, we had the pleasure of connecting with a young chef whose vibes were just as hot as the meals he prepares. You know those people you meet and you think, "I want this person to win. They deserve success."? This was our sentiment when we first met Spice Jamaica.

As his business name suggests, Spice Jamaica hails from the land of wood and water, Jamaica. When he emigrated to Houston in 2016, he started to take his innate passion for cooking more seriously and began spreading his love for Jamaican culture and food with everyone he came in contact with.

Meet Aldaine Oakley of Spice Jamaica, LLC:

Tell us about your signature dish:

"I got many favorite dishes, that includes Oxtail and butter beans, Jerk Chicken and Curry Goat. When I’m in the kitchen cooking it’s my passion and then to see the others enjoying my food melts my heart. It’s a good feeling words can’t explain."

Why did you choose the profession of cooking?

"I don’t think I choose cooking, cooking choose me. Growing up that’s all my mom did was made homemade food, no fast food, so I love cooking from I was a child. I have been in the industry for 4 years officially, but I was cooking since I was 6 years old. Everything I learned is from my mom and my family."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"God going to bless us with restaurants and food trucks all over America and in the Caribbean."

What advice do you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

"My Business is a family business, I started this business to break my family's generational curse. When you born and raised in the ghetto it’s really hard, but when you focus on your dream and pray to God anything is possible. So I say, just go for your dream. Also, if you don’t know something google has everything."

As you can see, Chef Alley is more than a chef. He's a husband (we love his wife April!), entrepreneur, a visionary and an inspiration for people of all backgrounds. We're honored and blessed to have Chef Alley and April as part of our I Love Being Caribbean business community and movement. If you haven't already checked out his signature Spice Jamaica seasonings, we encourage you to support and step up your seasoning game! You won't regret it.

Mask up and meet Spice Jamaica at our 2nd Annual Sugar & Spice Brunch, taking place in Houston on February 14. Get your tickets early and save.

Contact Spice Jamaica

Website: Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook: @spicejamaica Email:

Phone: 832-602-6136

We use our I Love Being Caribbean platform and network to support and promote our business partners, and our members receive discounts and special incentives from businesses within our network. Our business model is built on cooperative economics and shared humanity. We welcome you to join us in our journey and movement:


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