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Caribbean Easter Tradition - Bun and Cheese

In some parts of the Caribbean, the mere thought of Easter has you feigning for “Easter Bun & Cheese”. Not to be confused with the bun and cheese enjoyed year round— the holiday version is more moist, fruity and in some case, okay in our case, includes a dash of liquor.  

The contents of Easter Bun paired with Cheese make for a hearty meal, especially when consumed the traditional way (with milk while flying a kite). From Good Friday through Easter Monday, Caribbean parents must ensure that the household has sufficient servings available. 

Good news for our vegan friends...You can now partake in the long standing tradition by enjoying the Vegan version of Easter Bun & Cheese. We’ve never personally tried it, but the images do paint it deliciously. 

Here’s a simple recipe for Easter Bun that serves as a base recipe and you can tweak as you see fit. If you’re willing, please share your favorite recipe in the comments. 

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