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Meet our Barbados Getaway Travel Crew!

Our 2021 Global Getaway destination speaks for itself, but we know travel isn’t so much about where you’re going as who you’re going it’s time that we introduce our Barbados Getaway Hosts!

While the Barbados Getaway is most definitely not a girls’ trip (hint hint: guys, don’t procrastinate booking your spot), it is being led by a powerhouse team of professional women who don’t play when it comes to traveling #whoruntheworldgirls. Every aspect of the Barbados Getaway is carefully planned and cultivated with our dream travelers in mind. We are working hard behind the scenes to make your dream Caribbean trip come true!

“Traveling allows me to reset and refresh! I enjoy seeing different parts of the U.S., but my favorite destinations call for my passport and are full of beach breezes and white sand”, spoken like a true Travel Queen, meet Ms. K Pope aka Kashala! What you can't tell from looking at her pics is that Kashala is a professional group trip planner and has taken countless groups on trips in the U.S. and around the world. Her fierce attention to detail combined with her fun loving spirit make Kashala an amazing travel companion and Global Getaway host.

Meet Janel:

Listen, when we say professional travelers, we #saidwhatwesaid and no one embodies this title more than Janel, CEO of Rizos Travel. She’s more likely to be found on a trip than at her home and loves traveling so much that she’s turned it into her business. Janel is a self described travel addict with no plans to quit. Her goal is to visit every Caribbean island and the Barbados Getaway is another check off of her travel bucket list. Janel’s happy place is the beach and she can’t wait to make more memories with her iLBC family in April 2021.

How do you plan an authentic Caribbean experience without involving someone from the country you’re visiting? You don’t! Meet Nicholl, our resident Bajan connect. As much as she loves to #seesomeworld, she loves sharing her home island and culture with people! According to Nicholl, “Barbados is where locals make you feel like family. The people are so friendly. There is always a story, always a joke, always a good time.”

We’re thankful to have someone as fun, sincere and positive as Nicholl, Founder and CEO of Caribbean Women’s Expo, on our getaway team!

Meet Sherry:

The Global Getaway aspect of iLBC’s business plan was dreamt up by Mrs. iLBC herself, Sherry, who plans vacations like her life depends on it...because it does. Travel has helped give Sherry meaning to life. She says, “not only is traveling fun, it’s liberating, grounding and beautiful”. She prioritizes and invests in travel as a form of self care. Sherry and Stephan, aka #MriLBC, started global getaway experiences to the Caribbean because they want the world to feel and be one with the culture and community that they love so much.


To our travelers that have already booked, we’re honored and excited to provide an amazing and unique travel experience in Barbados! If you’re reading this and know that you deserve a getaway to look forward to, but still haven’t booked your 2021 Barbados Getaway with I Love Being Caribbean, we hope that meeting our team has encouraged you to book!

A $200 deposit will save your spot and guarantee you entry to an unforgettable Caribbean experience in Beautiful Barbados. Travelers that book by December 1, will save with the Early Bird Rate + receive a special iLBC addition to their Getaway Swag. BOOK NOW!

For more information on traveling with I Love Being Caribbean, email


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