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Your Black Woman's Soul Coach

Today's #WomensHistoryMonth shoutout is hella personal for me. I first met Natasha as a young bright eyed college student at the University of Houston. Of the hundreds of student orgs on campus, we happened to be in two together. I can't recall which one I met her in first, but I do recall immediately feeling a soul sister vibe from her. In one organization, we strengthened our passion for changing the world through nonprofit leadership. But it was the Caribbean Student Organization (CSO), where we both connected deeply for the love of our Caribbean culture. Since our first meeting 15+ years ago until today, Natasha is a truth teller, way maker and constant source of inspiration.

I'm excited to introduce you to the bad ass creator and CEO of Your Black Woman's Soul Coach, Natasha D. Wade. Meet Natasha!

Since we share first generation Caribbean American heritage, you know my first question is going to be Why Do You Love Being Caribbean? And I know this, but please let us know which island you represent!

I represent Sweet, Sweet T&T: Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹!

I attribute much of my open-mindedness and cultural expansiveness to my Caribbean culture.

How did you get into the coaching business?

I have naturally been a coach all my life and I have 10+ professional years of helping others elevate their quality of life. I have done this through the avenues of disaster recovery efforts, community organizing, helping homeless women military veterans find gainful employment and excel in their careers, human resources and my first and best love - life and career coaching.

What type of training did you receive to become a professional coach?

I was officially trained by Envision Coach Training under the standards of the International Coach Federation in 2015.

You created your business and crafted your vision specifically for Black women, why is that?

Black women need this... it's proven everyday. As black women, we are often on the front lines of many battles, from black liberation to representing black excellence in the boardroom. And while our beauty is evident in our strength, often our self-love takes the backseat to community care. In essence, when Black women win, the world wins.

What signature program do you offer as part of your coaching?

My signature program is my You-Phoria-90 Coaching Program. It's a 90-day coaching program focusing on 7 aspects of holistic, harmonious health including love, growth, purpose and play.

What advice do you give to aspiring Entrepreneurs? 1. Ask for help in a community or coach. Asking for help is not an option - it's REQUIRED for success. Being self-made is a myth and illusion. Everyone that ever made it had help. Put the cape down and pick the damn phone up and ask for assistance from your village. Going it alone is overhyped noise that's based on ego and pride.

2. And as long as you really want it, don't stop EVER. This journey will never be perfect but it will teach you things about yourself that few things ever will.

How can prospective clients contact you?

Come see me if you want a safe space to share, dream and create something beautiful for yourself:

Website: Email: Phone: 832-643-4304 Follow Natasha for Inspiration on Instagram!

We are extremely blessed to have Natasha as an amazing member of our I Love Being Caribbean community! If you want to be inspired, loved on and guided to your best life, Natasha is the conscious hype girl you want in your corner. Natasha serves clients up and level up with her today!

JOIN THE MOVEMENT! We use our I Love Being Caribbean platform and network to support and promote our business partners, and our members receive discounts and special incentives from businesses within our network. Our business model is built on cooperative economics and shared humanity. Learn more:


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