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Midnight at the Falls

Where do you go to celebrate the New Year when you’re on holiday with: yard friends, American friends, your blushing bride and your mother-in-law? You go the Midnight at The Falls!

From jump the experience was nothing but positive. As someone who has planned and promoted Caribbean events for the majority of my life, I’m often skeptical as a party goer…but I have not a single criticism or complaint about our collective experience. My over-planner bride emailed the promoters before purchasing tickets and received a helpful response almost immediately. She was sold based on that customer experience, but I was still leery as my partners hadn’t heard about the event previously and the social media presence wasn’t encouraging. Regardless, wifey purchased the tickets and plans were made.

Fast forward to 11:50pm, December 31—to our surprise (and relief!), there were shuttle busses ready to pick up party goers upon parking. The shuttle dropped us off right at check-in. Speaking of check-in…we didn’t remember to print the Eventbrite passes and our phone data wouldn’t let the mobile tickets download. I’m including this random detail, because what happened next proves why we will definitely support this event in the future. The yute checking the tickets went out of his way to help us…going as far as turning on the data on his phone to pull up the barcode. He didn’t have to do that…he could have turned us away or made us purchase day of tickets. The kindness and character he showed is how we remember Jamaica—the good ol days.

We continued to walk into the party area that’s located at the top of Dunn’s River Falls — past Ochi’s rolling stream backdrop, several packed bars and food stations towards the main stage. The ambiance was elegant and sexy. The décor and lighting were truly inviting and impressed even an over critical person like myself. Our crew thoroughly enjoyed themselves from the moment we arrived until well after 3:00am. The vibe was live, crowd diverse, and for the most part the sound was on point (big up ZJ Nova who stole the show hands-down). The ultimate highlight was indulging in a full bar that was stocked with enough Appleton to fill the Atlantic ocean! The consensus was clear…this was a 5 star event worth returning to. Kudos to Marquee Entertainment for an unforgettable start to 2019!

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