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Simply The Best... My Air Jamaica Story

This is the image of an airline that simply was ahead of it’s time. Imagine a simple flight from #Carolina to #Jamaica offering you free checked luggage, complimentary beverages (including liquor), and options of traditional Jamaican food. The service we experienced is only matched currently by Emirates Airlines and a few other high end airlines in their first class cabins. But these were things that #AirJamaica offered its passengers traveling in coach.

My very first time traveling to the United States was on an Air Jamaica flight. After we got seated before we took off, the flight attendant handed me a ice cold red stripe beer. She also told me the food options and apologized for running out of breadfruit! Trying to be coy, I went with the Ackee and Saltfish, some callaloo and rice. Yes I got another red stripe beer to wash it down. Now this had me thinking, if this was the treatment I’m receiving in coach, the people in first class must be getting foot rubs and full body massages 💆🏾‍♂️

A lot of things behind the scenes caused this Caribbean jewel to go under, but in her hay days she simply was the best.

Did you ever fly on Air Jamaica? If yes, how was your experience?


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