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Negril Village ATL

We have a running joke in our family that if we go to a Caribbean restaurant and the service and ambiance are good than we can expect the food to be not to our taste. Conversely, if the food is good we can expect that the service will be rank. Our experience at Atlanta’s Negril Village Jamaican restaurant proved our theory wrong.

Jamaican Coat of Arms

When you walk up to the midtown restaurant, there is an option for outdoor or indoor seating. Reggae Dancehall music subtly played in the background as we got seated in a plush booth. The space is inviting with classic and elegant vibes. Our server, Ashley, warmly greeted us and we quickly decided on the Village Island Punch and “Jamaican” Moscow Mule (as a faithful rum head I subbed the vodka for Wray & Nephew) to get us started. The Moscow Mule featured a home brewed ginger beer while the Village Island Punch was described as a secret family recipe. While we weren’t too hungry, the initial sips of our cocktails made us sigh with contentment and we excitedly ordered jerk wings, warm cornbread and ackee and saltfish tostones (crispy plantain chips).

Ackee & Saltfish Tostones

Like the ambiance, the service and our drinks, our food choices did not disappoint. I love my food spicy and was thankful that I asked for the homemade scotch bonnet peppper sauce. It was the perfect compliment to the tostones. The jerk wings were the ideal combination of succulence and spice and the warm cornbread was as comforting as cornbread served in the south should be. Both orders were ample consumption and were thankful we didn’t order more...especially when Ashley shared the dessert options. We were immediately sold on the bread pudding, complete with grapenut ice cream and a potent rum glaze. If nothing else has connected with you thus far, trust me when I say: ORDER THE BREAD PUDDING!

Bread Pudding

This was our first visit to Negril Village, but it is definitely not our last. I can imagine this being a staple stop in all our future ATL trips...especially after enviously watching several tables near us receive the Mac & Cheese that I failed to order this round. Thank you, Negril Village!

Island Village Punch

Jamaican Moscow Mule

Jumbo Jerk Wings


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