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When in Jamaica, Eat as Jamaicans Eat

We woke up early this morning to watch the sunrise at Likkle Dunn’s River. There's something about being in the water that makes you famished and we felt for some good authentic Jamaican know the kind a Jamaican grandma would make? We were referred to “Natty's".

Upon arrival we knew the food was going to be good because of the way Ms. Natty warmly welcomed us "Mawning dawlings, we have ackee, callaloo, saltfish & butterbeans, salt mackerel, liver, food, fried dumplings and porridge ready right now"  without looking up from her tea. The place felt homely and everyone was patiently waiting to be served. The Rastafarian man in front wanted boiled banana, mackerel, orange juice and coffee. The orange vendor wanted 3 fried dumplings with gravy. The taxi man wanted a small liver food with tea. When they asked us what we wanted, wifey politely said “everything please”. (sidenote, she’s not one to finish her food so if she orders everything that means I’ll be eating roughly 3/4 of everything). We started off with porridge (peanut, cornmeal, and oats), and coffee (with Betty’s condensed milk). We ordered two large mixed breakfast which had callaloo, ackee & saltfish, mackerel, fried dumplings, and boiled provisions (yellow yam, green banana, dumplings). Now anyone who knows us know that we are always adding things to our food to jazz it up a bit, but babyyyy believe me when I tell y’all that in this scenario we didn’t have to add a thing. The food was ordered to go but when we saw and inhaled the aroma, we devoured everything right there and then.

Please note, Natty's is not a location with a lot of glitz and glam. There's no wi-fi, no menu to look at and there may be a mosquito or two that need a good swatting. But Natty's is a beautiful representation of the Jamaica we fondly remember...a place with good kind polite people who represent the values Jamaica is known for, hardworking, kind and community minded. Natty's offers great Jamaican food with a serving of old school Jamaican hospitality. We fully recommend this spot tucked away inside the historical James Avenue, which is the home of the late legendary reggae music producer “Jack Ruby”. There's no doubt that the next time we’re in Jamaica, we are definitely going back to Natty’s to order everything on the menu...just like wifey so lovingly suggested.


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