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Miami Carnival 2019 Was A Vybe!

Many unforgettable memories were made with friends. So many fete options. Duck Work was fun in the rain and the music was excellent. My favorite fete was Soca Brainwash hosted by DJ Private Ryan. The theme was Moroccan Sunset and it felt like we were on set of the Aladdin movie. Drinks were UNLIMITED so you know it was a good time with other Soca lovers.

I also enjoyed the One Fete concert. Several artists performed, such as Nessa Preppy, Patrice Roberts, Mr. Killa and many more. My favorite artist was Kes. The energy was contagious. Live music is one of my personal favorites.

I also had to go on a foodie adventure while in Miami. I ate Haitian food at Chef Creole and Cuban food at Havana 1957. Eating authentic Caribbean food is part of the carnival experience and a must when traveling.

A huge shoutout to Cool Face Life for sponsoring all my Puerto Rican flag gear. I rocked a face bandana sleeve and cool rag.

Of course, I had to rock my Soca Save Thighs tank by #iLBC. Make sure to purchase your tank on the website in the iLBC Store.

One Love

Janel Caminos of Team iLBC...