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iLBC Farmer Spotlight: BetterGrow HydroFarm - Follow Up

Each week we feature a Caribbean farmer on our I Love Being Caribbean platform. We do this to remind us all how valuable our farmers are to the global community. Today we revisited Farmer Elon Robinson of BetterGrow HydroFarm in Trinidad. Farmer Elon was fresh off the farm and drinking a few stags with his friends and dem after a hard days work. I wanted to know how has his business been since being featured on our iLBC platform.

Farmer Elon said, (we suggest that you read this in a Trini accent for authenticity) "to be real honest my phone has been ringing nonstop with real people all over the world either want to purchase my produce or asking me to help them to set their farms up similar to mine. I have given so many tutorials that I've lost count. I have people who want to invest with me to grow the farm bigger. My social media accounts more than quadrupled in numbers. This was a real good thing y'all did and i'm truly appreciative. I really would like to give you real numbers but i'm not home right now. I'm out hereon the corner chilling with some idrins plus I've been drinking".

Me: "What you drinking brother?"

Elon: "I've been drinking stags, that's our go too beer."

Me: "Nice, I'm a rum drinker but stags will work."

Elon: "Yeah man, i wanna give you some real numbers so once I get home I'll complete the questionnaire that you sent."

Side note: I sent Elon a nice set of questions so that i'd be able to write this extremely professional blog and maintain the standard that you've grown accustomed to, but i'm going with these words from our casual conversation instead. My granddad taught me that liquor is like truth serum. when you're under the influence it reveals who you truly are. The person i just conversed with was at a lost for words and couldn't stop singing our praises. That made me feel extremely grateful that we were able to use our iLBC platform for the greater good of the Caribbean community.

PS: Thanks for using your farm and the harvest to help those affected by COVID.

On April 30th we ventured over to Trinidad and Tobago to visit farmer @Elon Robinson and the BetterGrow HydroFarm family. This group has been providing some amazing healthy food options for the people of Trinidad at extraordinarily low prices which is simply amazing.

Thank you Elon my friend trusting us with your marketing. When things are back to normal and we make it to Trinidad, we are definitely sharing a 6 pack of stag together (or a quart of rum) brother. One Love.

If you know a farmer who should be featured, please connect us!

Join the iLBC Movement!

Team iLBC - Stephan


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