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Happy Birthday Garnett Silk

One of the most asked question in Reggae music is “will there ever be anyone like Bob Marley”? Anyone who has a diverse musical catalog, who is versatile and charismatic, who’s very emotive and powerful, someone who commands your full attention with their delivery and smooth voice? For years the answer was no! Until...

In the early 1990’s, Garnett Silk aka Garnet Damion Smith emerged on the reggae scene. Now Ras Bimbo wasn’t new to music, but his breakthrough didn’t happen until the dawn of the 90’s. Silk was born April 2nd 1966, and died December 9th 1994. He was a powerful reggae musician and a Rastafarian whose faith drove his music. Silk was one of the most sought after talents by sound men worldwide who wanted to voice him on dub plates. Having a Garnett Silk dub meant that your sound was the real deal and ready for any opponent musically.

During the early 1990s he was hailed as the messiah of reggae, the second coming of Bob Marley if you may and many theorized that had he lived another 10 years, he might have matched or surpassed Marley’s many accomplishments. That wasn’t to happen though as Silk’s career and life ended on December 9th 1994, “allegedly” while attempting to save his mother from her burning house. I said allegedly because for decades people have suspected that there was fowl play involved but that’s another discussion for another time.

Today rather, we’re using this opportunity to celebrate the life and work of the legendary reggae musician Garnett Silk... thanks for the many powerful positive music and continue to Rest In Peace king. Happy heavenly birthday.


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