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6 Things to Know about Traveling with I Love Being Caribbean

Last week we announced our intentions to head to Barbados for our 2021 Global Getaway!

Barbados will actually be our inaugural Global Getaway trip. If you’ve been following us (or the events of the world), you know that we had to cancel our April 2020 Global Getaway in Jamaica due to COVID-19. While we are newer to the Global Getaway aspect of our business, we are not new to travel or group travel. Our iLBC Getaway concierge team has 20+ years of experience coordinating group travel and love experiencing life through travel!

And, while plans are still in the works for #Barbados2021, here are 6 things that you can definitely expect from an I Love Being Caribbean Global Getaway:

1. An opportunity to have an authentic and intimate Caribbean experience. This is not your all-inclusive, never leaving the resort, eating McDonald’s (although, we may indulge in some KFC, if you know, you know) travel experience. Wherever we go, we commit to staying at a locally owned accommodation, eating the Cuisine unique to where we’re visiting and connecting directly with the community.

2. A break from planning! You’ll arrange your airfare and we’ll cover almost everything else. The Global Getaway cost includes: roundtrip ground airport transportation, transportation throughout the weekend, a welcome reception, iLBC Swag Bag and Off the Beaten Path experiences. While we don’t arrange airfare, we are happy to help you find flights from your departure city and watch (and pray!) for flight prices to drop!

3. This is a “relish the moment, feel the rhythm, hold ah vibe, live your life kinda time.” Our Global Getaways are for anyone ready to experience a new culture or culture that you already know & love in a new way! This is a great opportunity to meaningfully experience the Caribbean with old friends or meet new ones through this once in a lifetime experience. While we’re open to anyone, we understand that this type of experience is not for everyone and that’s okay!

4. A Flexible Payment Plan option that works for your budget: You can enroll in our payment plan and relax knowing that your future payments will be made automatically. When you book, we’ll send you a credit card authorization form, calculate an evenly divided automatic billing plan for you and you will know in advance the day of every month that your payment will be processed. Your initial deposit is due at the time of booking, and your future payments will be charged according to the schedule you agree to.

5. A trusted Global Getaway Concierge Team that you can connect with directly. There's no 1-800 number or answering service, we are real people who Love Being Caribbean and LOVE sharing our love with our community. All Global Getaway guests are offered a 15-minute initial call to connect with our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) to discuss your travel needs. Beyond the call, you’ll have access to ask any and all questions to make you comfortable via email or text. We guarantee a 48-hour response for all Getaway Travelers (response time will be expedited for emergency situations).

6. Lastly, your travel investment will directly support the local economy of the Caribbean destination we’re visiting. We believe in socially responsible living and travel, which means that we prioritize working with and spending our dollars with the local people who have grown up and/or currently reside in the places we visit. This includes van rentals, hotel stays, restaurants and travel excursions.

Ready to experience the Caribbean with us? Sign up to receive exclusive updates from our Getaway Concierge team at


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