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The Caribbean American Dream

Whenever I tell someone that I’m from the #Caribbean they ask me, ”Why did you come to the United States?” and I generally have the same response, “To pursue the "#AmericanDream!“

Growing up in Jamaica 🇯🇲, the United States 🇺🇸 was “sold“ to us portraying life in America as the land of the free. Twenty years later, I know differently, but I believed that making it to America was “making it”. The free thinking, free spirited and the freedom fighters. It's said that in America if you can think it you can achieve it so we #WestIndians gravitated to that idea. No, we didn't come here to live for free, as we are some of the hardest working people in the world. And no, we didn't come to steal “their” jobs because we are creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

We came in search of the American Dream. Every great dream begins with a dreamer, so you could call Caribbean folks dreamers. Despite the very real obstacles and inequities that exist in this country and our home countries, we still believe and hope that anyone can realize their dreams. We believe that we have within us the passion, strength and excellence to reach for the stars and change our collective world.

We think it, dream it, write it, and work as hard as possible to make our dream true. Our Dream is to build a movement centered on uniting and strengthening our Global Caribbean community. We know that when we work towards making our dreams come true, we give others support and inspiration to do the same. Thank you for being an incredible part of our journey. Our Caribbean American Dream is made possible because of you. #OneLove


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