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Buju Banton Fans Ensured ‘TRUST’ Debuts At Number 1 On Billboard’s Digital Sales

I first heard this new Buju Banton song on Spragga Benz’s live and I knew it was an instant hit. The fact that “Trust” has secured the top spot on the Reggae Digital Sales Billboard Chart, shows that there’s still room for good dancehall reggae music. The song is reminiscent of 90’s buju banton with a new twist and has you vibing from the intro. It’s also evident that he put a little bit of what he endured over the past few years because he trusted the wrong people: 

🎵mi nuh trust phone, mi nuh mi nuh trust phone

mi nuh trust phone, mi nuh mi nuh trust phone 

mi nuh trust phone mi nuh own mi nu like it pictures a guh round, seh simone a mi wifie 

bay fuzzy picture weh suggest mi a knife it 

all over Instagram a bleep wid mi psyche 🎶

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