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Brown Stew Fish - Yard Man Style

Had some time on my hands and decided to steam two fish. I wanted to use a traditional Caribbean fish but the ones at the seafood market didn't look so fresh. I ended up settling for grouper fish (FYI my 1st time working with grouper) because it looked like the best option. I also wanted fresh Caribbean seasoning but when you're stateside, you just have to use whatever is available (tun yuh hand Mek fashion). Prep Your Fish: Clean your fish by scaling, gutting, removing fins and tail, wash in vinegar and lime. Season: Use black pepper, salt and Grace fish seasoning. Cook: fill pan with enough oil to cover fit, dry fry. In a separate pot combine onions, bell peppers, scotch bonnet, thyme, pimento, garlic, okra, tomato, likkle butter, and grace pumpkin soup mix. After you sauté everything, add a cup & a half of hot water. Let simmer then add the fish for the final 10 minutes. Spoon the sauce over the fish. You can also flip the fish once halfway through to make sure both sides are fully sauced up.

Let's Eat: You can serve it like we did or with your favorite sides. Now my challenge is trying to decide what to drink with it 🤔 Any suggestions?

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