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Houston Caribbean Festival 2018

It’s a holiday... In the states, the first week in July is often celebrated with cookouts, family reunions and fireworks. That's unless you’re Caribbean and residing in the Greater Houston this case the first week in July is celebrated with all of the events that make Houston Caribbean Festival, a major experience for the Caribbean community in Southeast Texas. While we’ve patrones and enjoyed CaribFest for many years, this weekend team #iLBC had the pleasure of setting up shop at #HoustonCaribFest for the first time as a vendor. The best feeling is when you see people you know from the community, stop by your shop, vibe with your offerings and big up your business. By the middle of the festival we even had people asking to take pics in our handcrafted iLBC Picture Frame which has taken on a life of its own. We love the passion our community has for the culture! Sunday almost didn’t take place due to #CrazyHoustonWeather. To say we had a rough start would be an understatement. But thanks to our good friend (better than pocket money!), Billy with Enforcer Entertainment, we didn’t blow away with the wind and storms that came through abruptly soon after we finished setting up shop. 

We’re glad we weathered the storm, because the sky eventually cleared, the people started pouring in (see what we did there?) and the festival atmosphere came alive. * The sights of old friends catching up * The aroma of authentic Caribbean foods * The sounds of calypso, soca and reggae filling the venue * The undeniable spirit of the people * The feeling you that comes over when all is well #IRIE

Our experience at #HoustonCaribFest2018 served as a beautiful reminder as to why we’re embarking on this journey called “i love being Caribbean”. This is just the beginning. Houston friends, thank you for joining us in the movement! 

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