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NOLA Caribbean Festival 2018

This weekend we had the pleasure of taking our #iLBC movement on the road to New Orleans Louisiana for the 2018 NOLA Caribbean Festival! This was our team's first out of state festival and we had an amazing experience sharing our LOVE for the Caribbean culture with our brothers and sisters in NOLA! 

There is something about up and coming artists who are passionate and filled with humility that excites us and there’s just something about the beautiful diversity of our Caribbean culture that makes us feel proud to gather together as family. 

Th vibes at the festival were so nice. All the main ingredients for a Caribbean festival were & drinks (rum punch STRONG!), Caribbean music, lively & positive people and friendly vendors (yours truly included!!). 

In all honesty, If you were to be blind folded and dropped off in New Orleans, it'd be very difficult for you not to guess that you're in a major Caribbean city. The spirit, the culture and the diversity present in New Orleans is infectious and reminiscent of every major Caribbean city. 

Throughout the entire #NolaCaribbeanFest weekend, entertainers and locals kept referring to the city as "the most northern Caribbean city" and we couldn't disagree. The food and music that gives NOLA its identity as a city has sooo many ties to the Caribbean. 

We had so many locals visit our booth professing their love for the Caribbean and explaining their connections with the region. The two most represented countries were were Haitian (Sak Passé) and #Honduran

If you didn't do so already, please add New Orleans to the list of North American Cities that has a major Caribbean influence while boasting a large diaspora. We had at least one representative from every Caribbean nation visit us at our booth, vibed with us and gave us positive reminders of why we embarked on this journey called I love being Caribbean. 

THANKS for the #CaribbesnLove NOLA! We’ll definitely be back!


#CaribbeanFestival #Caribbeanculture #NOLA #IlovebeingCaribbean #CaribbeanCarnival #CaribbeanPride #CaribbeanHeritage

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