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Happy Caribbean American Heritage Month...

Contributing To The American Landscape::: Alexander Hamilton, Broadway Hit, and one of the more popular founding fathers of the United States. Did you know that he's originally from the Caribbean? Diversity has always been the strength of the United States, and was seen as what separated this relatively young nation from the historical powerhouses of Europe. At nearly every major moment in the history of the U.S. one can point out major contributions being made by caribbean nationals. From Marcus Garvey, the Buffalo Soldiers, Harry Belafonte, Wyclef Jean, General Colin Powell, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, Rihanna, Notorious Big, Malcolm Gladwell, Minister Louis Farrakhan, to name a few... all share their respective roots in the Caribbean. Caribbean Heritage Month was introduced and recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005 to celebrate the significant contributions to the very identity of the United States by Caribbean people and their descendants. Not to be boasty (just one of the charming traits of Caribbean natives) but the truth be told, this would be somewhat of a boring world without the influences of Caribbean people. From sports, festivals/carnivals, our way of cooking, our music, medicine, civil rights efforts, etc... Caribbean culture is in the very DNA of the USA and June is our month to celebrate and reflect. PS: To celebrate Caribbean American Heritage Month, we encourage you to find fun filled ways of creating your own Caribbean experience. Try different Caribbean Food (Cuban, Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian, etc...), download and listen to different forms of Caribbean music (reggae, soca, rocksteady, ska, calypso, etc...), attend Caribbean festivals, watch a Caribbean influenced movie (scarface, the harder they come, shottas, one love, etc...), take a vacation to the Caribbean, support Caribbean clothing stores or donate to a Caribbean scholarship fund. These are just some ideas but feel free to create your own way of creating your unique Caribbean experience and share it with us. Happy Caribbean American Heritage Month To You...

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