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And The Grammy For Best REGGAE ALBUM 2017 Goes To....

The 2017 Grammy nominees for best reggae album have been announced, and around the globe, people are already weighing in. Most experts in the music industry are ready to hand it to Chronixx but we'd urge them not to sleep on any of the other nominees. For starters, J-Boog's Wash House Ting album garnered a lot of air plays in North America which saw his song quickly becoming one of the most sought after dub plates. The group, Common Kings, might not ring a lot of bells but they've been building their fan base the old fashioned way, through touring and having a lot of fan interaction. Their numbers in sales is nothing to sneeze at either. Morgan Heritage is no stranger to this platform having taken home the 2016 Grammy for best reggae album, and their latest work titled "Avrakedabra" did not disappoint us one bit. And in the world of reggae music, when your last name is Marley the award is usually yours to lose. The royal family of reggae music are usually those directly descending from the king himself "Robert Nesta Marley" aka "Bob Marley". Damian Junior Gong Marley is one of the younger sons of the late reggae rebel and we think that if his dad was alive, he'd be proud of the "Stony Hill" album. If we're being as honest as possible, we can conclude that this year is the first in a very long time where there's really not one clear cut winner.

Please let us know who you've picked to win in this category and while you're at it, like and share our blog... 😊

2017 Grammy Nominees for Best Reggae Album: • Wash House Ting — J Boog • Stony Hill — Damian Jr. Gong Marley • Avrakedabra — Morgan Heritage • Chronology — Chronixx • Lost in Paradise — Common Kings 

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