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#Jamaica2020: Are you ready?

For months we've been planning and in 3 months we take off. #Jamaica2020 is almost here. It's so close: we can feel the breeze, taste the spices & hear the beats pulsating throughout our bodies! There's no place on earth like Jamaica.

Looking for a reason to book? Here's 3: 1. This is not your average guided tour. Our getaways are authentic experiences; you'll feel the soul of the culture. We're talking real food, staying at Hibiscus Lodge, a Jamaican owned hotel and vibing yard style. 2. We all have that friend(s) that is always down for a group trip, but never actually goes. This is your chance to travel with new friends. You'll meet people who are passionate about Caribbean culture and community and ready for a good time. *BONUS* Our friends at caribbeanlifetv are joining us for the vibes! Professional photo session on the beach...okay! 3. Traveling is good for the soul. It's a fact. People who travel tend to live a happier and longer life! $150 deposit + Budget friendly payment plan

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