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It feels so weird to be emailing and promoting an event right now. 

As weird as it is to promote this right now, we still have a purpose and a philosophy that deserves to be fulfilled. And you have a purpose, philosophy and dreams that deserve to be fulfilled.

The current state of the United States and the realties that we face as people of color are a big reason why we launched I Love Being Caribbean. It's why we make such significant investments in our global Caribbean community (and in all who love being Caribbean despite their heritage). It's vital that we create and build strong communities, where we take care of each other, support each other and protect each other. It's up to us to "surthrive". So yes, we're going to promote Vision 2021. We're going to take deep breaths and continue to do whatever we can to strengthen our community in the midst of the mess. And we want you to take deep breaths and continue to do whatever you can to strengthen your heart, mind and soul.

If you're in Houston, we hope that you'll consider joining us this Sunday for our Vision 2021 Vision Board Link Up with Caribbean Women's Expo. If you are not in Houston or if you are self-quarantining for your personal safety, we will be offering a Zoom option with a discounted rate. Registrants will receive the Zoom Link.

Our dynamic Vision Board facilitators, Chrisnatha Derosier and Natasha Wade will inspire you to take action and tap into your passion. Together, we'll break through barriers and manifest the impossible.

Whatever you decide, please protect your hearts, minds and dreams.

Love, peace and blessings,

Sherry B.


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