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Bamboo Blu Beach, Please

Bamboo Blu is a beautiful stretch of beach neighboring Riu Ocho Rios and private properties. It is off the beaten path - literally there is no signage on the main road. The main road that we've driven a few times daily for years. Despite our familiarity with the area, had someone in our crew not been previously, we would’ve missed the turn.

When we pulled up to the first gate, we let the guard know that we were visiting the restaurant and they gave us a pass to present to the guard at the gate of the beach and restaurant. At the second gate, we were notified that if we would be going on the beach we'd be required to purchase a beach chair ($1500 JMD) or cabana ($5000 JMD). The guard at the second gate took our temperature, sanitized our hands and asked us to put our masks on (these are all typical of any public experience in Jamaica during COVID).

There was ample parking although on a sand filled lot. Along the walking path to the beach there was a ton of branded signage with COVID safety guidelines.

Upon walking on the beach, we were greeted by a lifeguard (who really served more as a beach attendant), who sanitized and set up our beach chairs. In the background we heard the faint sound of lovers rock reggae. We weren’t even fully set up when another attendant came to us with menus and a genuine smile. I believe her name was Ms. Vicky, but I did have a few rum punches so I could be making that up. The boozy rum punch was $8 USD per cup, which is comparable to other restaurants that cater to tourists.

We were one of a few couples on the otherwise socially distant beach and enjoyed the opportunity to spread out and enjoy the sun, sand and sea safely. Mr. ILBC is more of a lay in the shade in the chair and sleep kinda beach goer so it was just us girls out in the sea, with our iLBC travel cups in tow, basking in the sun. After quarantining and working from home since March, we were like school children on the last day of the semester…feeling giddy, wild and free.

After a few rum punches and splashes in the sea, it was time for lunch. We were definitely in need of something to soak up the white, dark and gold rum mix in our systems. My eyes immediately went to the ackee and sailfish spring rolls and Calamari, so I ordered both. There’s just something about the combination of beach and booze that makes me ravenous! Both appetizers were super tasty (despite the ackee & sailfish rolls being a bit oily) and I loved the pepper sauce dip.

Bamboo Blu Part Two:

So when I like a thing, I really like the thing which means that I made a quick return to Bamboo Blue just a few days later. When your birthday is on a Monday and you’re social distancing in Jamaica, the beach is an ideal celebration location.

Seeing my name in fire was the coolest thing I never knew I needed. Thank you, Bamboo Blu!

Random Tips + Bonus

  • Arrive early to maximize the expense of chairs.

  • The cocktails may be sweet, but they pack a punch.

  • The guard at the beach entrance looks in the car and trunk for any food or drink items so if you’re planning on sneaking something in…think again (or hide it well).

  • Random Bonus: There is free wifi on the beach.

Catch us for our next Global Getaway, we're headed to Barbados in April 2021!


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