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Celebrating Our Love

This month we're excited to celebrate our love! A year ago we took our love for the Caribbean and invested in a longtime dream. A dream to start a business promoting all of the diverse and amazing aspects of our Caribbean culture.


Within the past year, we've launched a website, premiered our #iLBC apparel, and connected with countless of people just like us who share in our passion for #iLoveBeingCaribbean. We've traveled to festivals, learned the ins and outs of starting a clothing line and strengthened our brand.

We're incredibly grateful for our friends (new and old), followers and supporters who have made our dream our reality! Thank you for sharing in our journey!


To celebrate our anniversary, we've marked down 100% of our apparel for the complete month of November. Check out and treat your loved ones (and yourself)!


In 2019, we're expanding our apparel line and taking our love for the Caribbean on the road! (hello, group travel trips!). If you're interested in joining our team, please email We're seeking passionate people to join the movement.

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