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Oliver Samuels & The Cast Of 56 East Avenue

It was so much fun hanging with some of the people who are an integral part of our childhood growing up in the Caribbean.

Some of the most iconic Caribbean theater, cinema and television moments were because of these talented individuals.

From Oliver At Large, Smile Orange, Mighty Quinn, Dancehall Queen, BUPS, Higglers, Third World Cop, Frenemy, etc... etc... etc...

Meeting these individuals, vibing with them and having them say that what we’re doing as team iLBC matters and they’re glad they got to meet us at our infant stage made our night.

Check out some of the pictures from last nights meet and greet and be sure to go see the hilarious stage play “56 East Avenue”, whenever it comes to your city.

One Love

Stephan aka Mr iLBC....

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