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iLBC Farmer Spotlight: Ramdeo Boondo

Each week we shout out farmers across the Caribbean region to promote their efforts and show our appreciation. This week, we're headed to the "Land of Soca" to visit Farmer Ramdeo Boondoo of Uncle Ben Green Gate Farm.

We had the opportunity to interview Farmer Bandoo and you'll find a snapshot of our conversation below. Thank you, Farmer Bandoo for your time and commitment to the profession!

Where’s your farm located?

  • Our farm is located at Perseverance Road, Chaguanas,Trinidad & Tobago.

How did you get started In farming?

  • I got started in farming by being born into a home that depended on farming as a main source of income and food.

What crops do you specialize in cultivating?

  • I specialize in Root Crops such as, cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, eddoes, tania, dasheen and kush kush.

How expensive is it to do what you do?

  • On an average it costs approximately TT $25,000.00 per acre.

What’s the name of your company and how can people get in touch with you to support?

  • My company name is Uncle Ben Green Gate Farm. Persons can contact me at 868-780-9595 (Bmobile), 868-325-1867 (Digicel), electronically through my daughter or whats app 8687106623

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • In five years, I see myself as a pioneer in the root crop industry, sharing my knowledge and expertise in this field to help make my country food independent.

Any words of wisdom to aspiring farmers?

  • To aspiring farmers, I would like to say that growing food is a most noble profession. Despite all the long hours and hardships, you are well rewarded when you harvest your crop or gaze upon our plants/produce. Gardening is very mentally calming and a humbling endeavor, that teaches you faith and humility.

If you know a farmer who should be featured, please send us their information at


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