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Pride. Dignity. Excellence. The Jamaica Reggae Girls.

We’re super proud of the accomplishments of the Jamaican Reggae Girls. No, we didn’t get the W...but they proudly represented the Caribbean region on the big stage and opened the door for future Caribbean champions!  

“But they didn’t win any games!” The Reggae Girls won more. They won the hearts and minds of of the world. They have even inspired aspiring athletes to do genealogy test to check if they have any Jamaican roots and how they could represent the nation. 

“But they didn’t score many goals.”  When the team started this run the aim wasn’t to reach this year’s tournament, but rather to create another avenue for women athletes in Jamaica and hopefully win a few games in the region. However the team, backed by Cedella Marley, picked up momentum and before they knew it, they were one penalty kick away from qualifying for their first ever World Cup! No, they didn’t leave France empty handed. The Reggae girls are the youngest team in the tournament. Yes, they were overmatched with experience. However, they are headed home stronger and with experience to build upon. Yes, they are ahead of schedule. This is a team that the federation had given up on and they wanted to show the world what they can do if just one person gave them a fighting chance. They prospered without proper federation backing...can you imagine what they are going to do in the future now that we all have rallied behind them?!  Mission accomplished! Reggae Girls, hold your heads high! You went there to bring awareness and represent for our region. You did that and so much more. You all have started a full out avalanche with support rolling in from all over the globe. The youngest team, the most underfunded team, the first from the Caribbean, the most inexperienced, yet no other region is more proud of a team in the competition than we are of you all. In the next World Cup, the girls are not just coming to participate. They are coming back to win games and quite possibly shock the world by taking home the trophy. Keep on building on what we have and watch what happens. Congratulations  to the Jamaican Reggae Girls! 

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